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Offers and Discounts

We are offering 25% off all Hire Bookings for the first month since the official opening of the The Paddle Centre at The Swanwick Marina on the River Hamble. All activities booked prior to our opening will also be elegible for the discount.

Simply choose your desired day, hourly time slot and hire duration and get a discount of 25% on the total price of your booking automatically applied at checkout.

Given the current lockdown situation we cannot yet accurately predict the date of our opening. We will keep all customers updated via our communication channels (Facebook, Instagram, E-mail) and guarantee rescheduling and/or refunding of all bookings affected by the lockdown.


For more information about The Paddle Centre, what we do and who we are, visit our Homepage.

If you have any questions related to our products and services, take a look at our FAQ's or simply Contact Us.

To book an activity either use the "Book Now" button on the bottom right corner of the screen or follow this link.

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